Server has opened!
Release Date!
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It's our pleasure to announce that the official launch date is now set!
We're welcoming you all on our server Saturday 19th January at 17:00 CET!

Donations now open!
We also gladly announce that the donations have opened! For the limited time to 20th Jan 23:00 you may get the Supporter Plus rank for 10€/monthly instead of 12€, and your donation period starts at the time the server is open. We're very thankful for all donations, as they help us cover the costs of upkeep and development. We will also invite our donators to sneak peek on the server while we're testing and setting up.

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All Pre-Apps now open!
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We've happy to announce that all our pre-applications are now open. The deadline is 12th January at 12:00PM (CET).

About pre-apps
We aim for all applications to be In-character once the server release, but we do need to fill some ranks before the server opens. The aim with the pre-applications are to fill the more high-ranked positions in advance. If you wish to play a lower ranked unit, you'll get the chance shortly after the server launches.

You can only get one high ranked position, but you may apply for multiple ones, in that case state which one you'd like to prioritize.

Application feedback
Feedback will be given during the next days after the deadline.

Application deadline has passed!
Welcome back, citizen!
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We're pleased to welcome you back to HeartBit, and this time as Half-Life 2 Roleplay. Based on the survey we posted around a month ago, we know that Garry's Mod and HL2RP is the most interesting for our community right now, and therefore here we are.

What has happened since April 2017?
For those who follow us on our Steam group and Discord, know that it's been a bit silent and we've popped up with a reunion, Rust and Minecraft server. We've also worked in secret on our brand new gamemode, which unfortunately lead to cancellation due to downsizing of our development team, and that's when we asked you - the community to vote for what we should do next. Other than this, most of the team has been busy on some side-projects, school and similar.

Isn't HL2RP dead?
Based on the survey, the easy answer is no. However, we're running this HL2RP with the same mantra as our last BMRP: We play it as long as other...

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