C24 Outlands Minigame (Megathread)


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7 January 2019
Initial booting complete...

Greetings Officers,

You have been invited to participate in the joint OTA/CCA operation, OPCB (Outland Pacification Command Board). You have been selected due to your leadership and ground operations insight to advise and cooperate with high level command on terms of strategic deployment of our units in the outland areas around City 24.

Over the next few days our trial system will be fully operational and you are expected to vote on deployments according to your experience and strategic reasoning.

Launching OPCB tutorial v.1...

Welcome to the OPCB tutorial.
As an extension of the Dispatch AI of the City 24, I will lead you through the core components.

The map.


This is a map of City 24 and direct outlands around it. Events will be referenced directly on the map for ease of judgement of their distance from the City 24 walls. Please note that OTA Deployment is limited inside the city area unless the Judgement Waiver is in effect.

Stability Tracker.


Stability Tracker is updated daily with meta-analysis for all reports in the outlands.

OTA Forces:
Metropolice Deployment Only (Crisis Situation)
OTA: OTA Deployment Available (Normal)
SYNTH: Synthetic Deployment Available (Very Strong)
ELITE: Elite OTA Limited Deployment Available (Extremely Strong)

: Extremely uncommon Zombies (Stable)
Spreading: Zombies spreading through headcrabs (Stable)
Infestation: Zombies attacking directly, widespread (Dangerous)
Crisis: OTA Overwhelmed (Crisis Situation)

: Extremely uncommon Antlions (Stable)
Burrowed: Antlions present, but inactive (Stable)
Expanding: Antlions expanding agressively (Dangerous)
Invading: City Thumper System failing, Antlions invasion (Crisis Situation)

Anticitizens in hiding, no operations (Stable)
Operating: Anticitizen activity (Dangerous)
Expanding: Anticitizen activity rapidly increasing (Extremely Dangerous)
Omnipresent: Anticitizens present in every block, Uprising possible (Crisis Situation)

Once you have decided which operations are the most benefitial to act upon with our squads, you are expected to vote in the OPCB network. The amount of votes an officer has depends on their rank and is denoted below.

Officer: 1 Vote
Minister Of Defence: 2 Votes
DvL (During Crisis Situation Only): 2 Votes
SeC (During Crisis Situation Only): 3 Votes
The Administrator: 3 Votes

The DvL and SeC are counted as "Officer" ranks outside of Crisis Situations.

//Even if you are not in CCA ICly, you are still counted as an officer. It is a forum minigame after all.//

The Voting will be held over 24 hours followed with an immediate deployment of the selected squads.

This is a log of effects that have taken hold so far on the map. This serves as an information board and NOT as an active effect table.

/Core Effects/
Judgement waiver:
+OTA and Higher Available for Deployment in C24 areas.
+50% OTA Organisation
+++ Malignant Activity

Weekly Sector Sweep:
--- Necrotic Activity

-- Malignant Activity
- Exogen Activity
-50% Metropolice and OTA Organisation

/Specific Effects/

/None Occured Yet/

OPCB Tutorial v.1 concluding...

Please take note of all the components in the tutorial and familiarize yourself with them. The trial period for the tutorial is currently ONLINE. Leave your questions about any components in the replies. I will do my best to answer them, based on the available data.
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