Camilla Cherry

26 December 2018
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<:: Camilla Cherry ::>
<:: Full Name: Camilla Cherry ::>
<:: Age: 27 ::>
<:: Date of Birth: October 19, 1979 ::>
<:: Place of Birth: USA, Massachusetts, Boston ::>
<:: Prior Education: Northeastern University ::>
<:: Nationality: American ::>
<:: Beliefs: Atheist ::>


Camilla Cherry was born in 1979 in Boston, USA. She was born into a normal and a happy family. Her father was cop in Boston Police Departament, her mother was an accountant. Early on, she had developed interest in music and at the age of 10 she began learning the guitar. It wasn't until 1991 when she was certain what she wanted to do in the future. After seeing performance of Tom Petty & The Hearbreakers during 1991 tour "Take The Highway", she had a quick chance to see him and meet him off-stage after the show. It was the only and the last time she has spoken to him. Her passion for music developed and found herself encouraged to pursue the dream she had. In 1997 she began attending Northeastern University. A few months later, she began playing with a local school band as a bassist.

In 1998, as the Black Mesa Incident occured, everything fell apart, like everyone's dreams. She was separated from her parents as soon as portal storms happened, left with few of her friends from the band and schoolmates. Although the portal storms occured, she had a little bit of hope, seeing as the nations seemingly began having it all under control. Until the Union had attacked. She was separated from her friends during their escape from Boston as combine forces attacked, never seeing them again. Managing to escape Boston, she, left alone, headed towards Canadian Border, seeking shelter and a hiding spot from the chaos. She made it to a small town named Millbridge, just by the border in Maine county. She managed to stay away from sight for a few years in the town, with few people residing, as most had left in panic. She was a little happier after having found a quiet place.

In 2003, after the Union had most major cities under control, they were starting to focus on the smaller villages around the cities. It wasn't long before they had found out about the hiding place and quickly deported them away with force. Transfered to City 7, which used to be Toronto in Canada, she spent there 3 years, making a few friends along the way. In 2006 she was transfered to City 24. Homeless, she usually wanders the streets alone, staying away from the trouble. Although the life she led previously is now a distant memory, she keeps slight bit of optimism that things will change.

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