Combine Civil Authority - Radio Codes


Senior Staff
10 July 2018
Combine Civil Authority
Radio Codes

Civil Authority Communications: 10 Codes
10-Radio Codes:

10-0: Proceed with Caution
10-1: Not comprehended/Not Understood
10-2: Negative
10-3: Stop Transmitting (request of complete radio silence)
10-4: Affirmative
10-6: Occupied/Busy
10-7: Unit off Duty
10-8: Unit on Duty
10-9: Repeat
10-15: Anti-Citizen/Non compliant Citizen in Custody/Detainment
10-18: ASAP
10-19: Report to Nexus
10-20: Location
10-23: On Hold/Standing By
10-25: Meet/Rendezvous
10-29: Non compliant/Wanted Citizen check
10-50: Patrol
10-51: En-route/Responding
10-61: Services/Assistance Needed
10-66: Disregard last transmission
10-71: Request EMT
10-98: Area/Sector Clear
10-99: Officer Down/ Under Fire
10-103M/P: Mentally/Physically Unfit person.

Civil Authority Communications: 11 Codes/Advanced Codes
This section will cover the codes with the identifier: 11

11-6: Discharge of Firearm.
11-8: Citizen Incapacitated
11-25: Public Hazard.
11-27: Subject has Felonies recorded.
11-29: Subject has no Record for Violations.
11-30: Incomplete Radio Transmission/Request Device Transmission.
11-31: Person requesting assistance
11-40: Notify on radio; Medical Assistance is Required.
11-41: Requesting Medical Assistance.
11-42: Medical Assistance un-required
11-43: Advanced Medical Assistance is Required.
11-44: Clean up Crew Required/Cremator Required/DB requires Cleanup.
11-45: Attempted Suicide/ Suicide
11-46: Confirmed DB (Dead Body)
11-47: Injured Citizen
11-50: Currently Escorting Person
11-51: Requesting Escort
11-59: Danger Zone, Stay Alert.
11-71: Fire/Explosion Detected
11-86: Bomb Threat.
11-87: Bomb Discovered, No backup required
11-88: Bomb Discovered, 11-99
11-94: Citizen Rest
11-95: APC enroute to location
11-96: APC Needs Assistance at location
11-97: Unit on Patrol
11-98: Meeting Unit
11-99: Officer needs assistance

Civil Authority Communications: Code Numbers / Colors

Code 1: Non-Urgent Situation.
Code 2: Urgent Situation.
Code 3: Emergency Situation.
Code 4: Situation Resolved
Code 7: Out of Service
Code 8: Fire/Explosive Detected; Alarm.
Code 9: Roadblock/Restrict Civilian movement
Code 10: Bomb Threat
Code 11: Bomb Detonated
Code 13: Major Disaster
Code 14: Riot
Code 17: Resume Normal Protocol.
Code 20: Broadcast Information ASAP
Code 21: Nexus Detainment-Block Emergency.
Code 30: Officer Needs Assistance.
Code 33: Emergency Transmissions Only.
Code 37: Suspect in possession Contraband, Pacify; Detain.
Code 42: Requesting Overwatch
Code 43: Overwatch Deployed.
Code 66: Mass Disaster Scenario
Code 87: In Position; Pacify Suspect
Code 99: Officer Down; Code 3 Backup Required


Code Green: All Clear, No Urgent Situations
Code Blue: Not Clear, Some 647e (Anti-Citizen) Activity
Code Yellow: Patrol with Lethals, take Precautions
Code Red: Situation is out of Hand, Request Reinforcement / Judgement Waiver
Code White: Situation is unable to be contained / O.T.A. flag on at mass
Code Black: Autonomous Judgement

Civil Authority Communications: Terminology
These terms should be known to almost every Unit.

Inject (To formally deploy) - Move into a establishment or block.
Contain - To clamp off entrances of a area and confine the situation to a certain area.
Unrest - Rebellion or Riot.
Anti-Citizen - Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations; MALIGNANT.
Malignant - Individual convicted of multiple anti-civil violations. Subject is contagious and contains devised behavioral pattern.
Administer - To issue a verdict to a resident. (E.g. Administering a beating)
Pacify - To detain a individual non-lethally.
Clamp - Restrict residential access to a certain are ; Deploy standard.
Unlawful Procreative Activity (UPA) - Attempting to perform intercourse.
Expose Flush - Suspects or expose them from cover.
Stand By - Await orders.
Intercede - Take immediate control of the situation; Ambush/surprise hostiles.
Extract - Withdraw subject out of Location 1 to Location 2.
Cleared Sector - Used as a breach term to inform the team that the area is clear of contraband and anti-civil activity.
Breach - To force entry to a designated area, often used in sweeps when breaches are placed or the door is kicked in.
Stabilize - To restore order to a situation by any means necessary, this is determined lethal/non-lethal by your commanding Authority.
Deploy - Often used in reference to the deployment of equipment or a squad. (I.E Deploying sterilizers at block; A )
Prosecute - To administer verdict to a resident through means of prosecution.
Isolate - To disband a large group of Citizens. (Two is Company, three's a crowd, four is a party!) Mostly used however for detaining someone. (Most servers don't want you to yell this at crowds.)
R.O.E (Rules Of Engagement) - Often set for breaches or sweeps by the team leader.
Amputate - To kill or remove limbs from the body.
Hold - Maintain position defensively.
PT - Placement Training
Ripcord - Fall back to move back or away.
Diagnose - Determine an investigate level and situation.
Inoculate - To protect or safeguard from a threat. To Watch Over.
Sterilize - Clean a designated area of Anti-Citizen/Civil Activity.
Contact - Hostiles spotted, prepare confirm to engage.
Contact Confirm - Contact is confirmed malignant and hostile, engage!
Sociocide/Sociocidal - Attempted disruption of the social order.
Restrict - To prevent access from a designated area or location.
Bio-signal - A suit mechanism that is responsible for lifeline monitoring as well as synchronization to the Civil Authority system.
Infestation - High amounts of necrotic/parasitic activity.
Biotic Non-Naturalized - Alien species. (E.g. Vortigaunts, Headcrabs, Etc.)
Infected - The Potential Host of a Local Infection.
Exogen - Antlion.
Necrotic - Zombie.
Necrotic Volatile - Armored Zombie (Zombified OTA)
Parasitic - Headcrab.
Virome - Poison/Fast Headcrab.
Outland - Foreign.
Bouncer - Grenade.
Restrictor - Thumper.

Viscerator - Manhack.