CWU: Temporary Takeover


Heartbit Lover
31 May 2018
Oslo, Norway

To: All employees of CWU
Date: ((3rd February 2019))

The City Administration has initiated a temporary takeover

Dear Civil Workers Union employee or franchise owner,
The administration of City 24 has been became aware of the problems and inconsistencies within CWU. The stores has been persistently been closed and the medical department completely neglected. The Administrator has now signed off protocol 74/M initiating a temporary takeover off the CWU management to sort out the issues.

There will be structural changes in order the meet the city demand. More information will be followed on a extraordinary general assembly which will take place at the day you receive this letter. It is required for you to attend this assembly. Failure to do so without a approved reason can result in removal of your status. The exact time will be announced on the city speakers. I recommend everyone to be ready at all times.

And the practical detail is that I, Inspector Joachim Gaucks will be the acting CEO and manager of the whole Workers Union. Any questions can be directed to me. If you’re unable to contact me directly, leave me a note on my temporary office in the headquarters.

Joachim Gaucks

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