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31 May 2018
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Got a feedback of the event? Let us know! Check out this if you got an event idea.
Some questions you can answer if you want to write a feedback.

- Name or description of the event you're giving feedback on
- What worked out nice?
- What could be better?
- What should we refrain from doing in future events?
- How could we involve you/someone better in the event?


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7 January 2019
"Cafe Boom"

Great suspense
Involved majority of people on the server.
Did not alienate any faction from participating in the event.
Caused lasting impact on our lore.
The OOC summary at the end ("Bad end 4 dead") was pretty amazing for an event, as it makes you wonder how it could go differently

None that I had experience with.

Conclusion: Overall a great experience, we could do more of those.

"Interference Detected"

Great suspense
Caused lasting impact on our lore

Alienated everyone except CCA and Malignants (Citizens and CWU had no way to join anything in it)
(Personal) Have been given no real warning about certain IC things beforehand, and had to spend a lot of time (about an hour total) in cell despite having zero responsibility for such an event occuring.

Conclusion: I know we like CCA, but perhaps we could involve others more. Maybe broadcasting a location HINT instead of actual location would help against CCA's instant retaliation, and let interested citizens pop in for whatever the broadcasters promised. (Mad rush/Treasure hunt)

"Happy Birthday, Mr. Haig"

Amazing passive RP occasion
Humorous and community-centered

Awful timing, way too early before server hottime. We all know you sacrificed it to have more people go into CCA recruitment session right after. c:

Conclusion: Could definetely do more events like this that involve populace at large without overt danger, but still having some suspense going on about what MIGHT happen. Keep em guessing.


Good mix of events, but for the love of god stop playing things like "Mad World" on full volume. Its dated and three times more cheesy than "Triage at Dawn" at this point. I'd really hope for more somber or orchestral music to fit the background theme, otherwise its hard to understand who is singing into my damn ear.
(Or training montage/sector sweepy music for you, you CCA idolisers :D)
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