Official Lore & History of City Twenty Four

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Geography & History - Location

Before the arrival of the multi-dimensional empire known only as the Combine, City Twenty-Four was once the sprawling city of Geneva, Switzerland. It stands as an important financial center for the country. Situated between three mountain chains, The Jura Mountains, The Alps, and the Salève to the south. One could even see Mont Blanc from the city itself. - Once the Combine arrived in 2006... The City was reduced to just a number.

The city is also encompassed by Lake Geneva, which is one of the city’s important boat-routes for trade. In the Combine’s case however, this route has been replaced with more sinister transportation - Used extensively for Stalkers.

- One of the Combine’s most sinister projects - The Stalker

Geography - Importance

The City of Geneva lies East of the Alp Mountains, with the Rhone River running through the city. This was a strategic city selected by the Combine in order for ease of access to a rare material that could be mined in the Alps Mountains which also served as an entry point into a Combine project involving Deep Crust Mining.

With the city selected, it was renamed and reformed under the Combine Civil Authority as City Twenty-Four. The subsequent mega-towering Citadel that landed at the reformed City, could be seen as far as the Alps Mountains itself, 114 kilometers away.

- The Citadel as seen from the Alps

With its proximity to Geneva, the special projects of the Combine Civil Authority could draw upon the populous, should they needed subjects...

Lore - Seven Hour War

The Invasion - 1998- The end of a free, unbounded society. The Seven Hour War lasted for exactly that. Earth’s governments and military forces, fight as one - Nations that once fought against each other with tooth and nail, once engaged in global wars - Stood as one unified Earth, against their common enemy - The Combine. Facing the looming threat of the Combine’s vast superior technology, nations hastily unified their militaries to fight the threat. However, even with the use of nuclear technology, and the unification of nations militaries side by side wasn’t enough to withstand the wrath of the Combine. Defeated, devastated and annihilated, Earth’s governments had no choice but to reside in the hope they would be spared… through surrender. With this decision, Doctor Wallace Breen was selected to operate as Earth’s Administrator, a political tool devised by the Combine to keep the population in check.

Weeks later, the Combine poured into the streets with their reformed civilians, that had been forced to endure changes forced upon them - turning them into loyal subjects of the Union, into tools to serve their Empire. Tasked with hunting down the last of the remaining resistance, they would successfully accomplish the task, bringing order and stability to the Union. They would later become the stable policing force of the Union, present on every street corner across the globe.

Along with Synths, these units would eventually be subjected to carry out raids, police the streets and conduct executions on those deemed unworthy for the Union. They would be unofficially named a variety of names by the common citizens, however they would be universally known as the Combine Civil Authority.

- Combine Civil Authority units following the War

Lore - The Calm before STORM

Six years following the initial invasion, 2006 the now well-established Combine Civil Authority have settled the dust against the last resistance. With nothing left to stand up against them, they have successfully oppressed and dominated what is left of humanity. What was once first and foremost thought on everyone’s mind, stand up against the Combine, have now been crushed and remain a distant,clouded memory on the citizens that now remain.

Citizens now line the streets, in hopes of being able to live until the next day - the ever looming threat of being randomly checked and submitted for questioning by the Combine motivates anyone into hiding. Living off of bare rations, people live with undernourishment and disease, a common sight - even with the advancement of medication by the Combine.

Propaganda drives the Combine’s reach beyond that of physical intervention. With the established Ministry of Propaganda, daily tele-screen shows are broadcasted, mimicking the ways of what once were - imitating talk shows, however twisted to the image of the Combine promoting their vision. Newspapers have been transformed into pro-Civil Authority writings, giving the city’s residents extracts of speeches by the City’s Administrator, ramblings from loyal citizens, and direct praises straight from the Civil Authority.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs recently having issued a city-wide program that involves an assortment of new ration packets that are to be designated for each type of citizen. Having been introduced only three months ago, the Ministry of Civil Affairs are still waiting on solid results to see if it would quash what little resistance certain citizens had with Loyalists. The new packet system has introduced separate graded rations, for those deemed worthy of that level.

While these departments are the backbone stable of the Combine, they are overseen by the City Administrator. The current residing Administrator’s name has been retracted from public view, serving as a shadowy backdrop and overseer, until deciding to come public. This is both to protect the Administrator, and the Union, as a whole. This ensures the safety and stability of the City’s highest authority.

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