Ministry of Civil Affairs Documentation and Official Guidance/Law

26 December 2018

The Ministry of Civil Affairs
Sector 24

Official Documentation Regarding the Authority of the Civil Affairs Ministry
Offical Guidance dated to February 3th 2006

Main Obligations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs:
The Civil Affairs Ministry (MoCA) is a branch of Administration, prioritised towards the indoctrination and co-ordination of society within Sector 24. The importance of maintaining the societal structure of City 24 is of utmost importance, due to the need of effective productivity within the established sector. The MoCA is indeed incharge of propogating society to follow the set path of the socialised structure that regards itself as "First Citizen". "First Citizen" is a term used to identify loyalist citizens who obey/serve the Universal Union's (Otherwise known as UU) regime on Planet Earth. The established Ministry is under the authorisation of the standing Minister of Civil Affairs, whom inturn delivers results to the acting Administrator of Sector 24. The Devolutionised structure is designed to maintain organisation and to boost productivity within the Administrative Bloc.

Documentation Regarding the Civil Worker's Union:
The Ministry of Civil Affairs (MoCA) is whole-heartedly responsible for organising and establishing firm control within the Sector, guiding the Civil Worker's Union (CWU) unto a direction of organised administration. This allows for the acting CEO of the CWU, to help forge a standing relationship with the MoCA and lead a successful business sector within City 24. Ultimately, the Minister of Civil Affairs has authority over the standing CEO of the CWU. However, typically the CEO of the CWU is enpowered with "dominion" like autonomy over the business sector, resulting in lack of a required MoCA lead over CWU matters. The MoCA is therefore, only regarded as being necessary, if control over the CWU via the CEO is neglected and unorderly, leading to an ineffective service to Sector 24. In such a case, the MoCA would therefore be obligated to assist the Administrative Bloc in a "temporary takeover" of said CWU and it's assets in order to restructure and redirect the CWU program, to repair the management of the business sector. "Temporary takeovers" of the CWU can last any amount of time needed, to allow for the necessary steps to be taken, to allow for a refreshed overhaul of the CWU.

Documenation Regarding the Ministry of Defence:
The MoCA is within the same level of hierarchy as the Ministry of Defence (MoD), both established groups of the Administration Bloc, with neither parties taking authority over one another. The MoCA's relationship with the MoD is to ensure that partnership is witheld, whilst orchestrated activities take place, under the authority of both parties. For full productivity, it is recommended that both parties discuss prepartions for events hosted under the authority of the MoCA, however if the MoD isn't available for such prepartions, the MoCA has full judgement on the best course of action. Relationships regarding the MoCA and MoD are in fact limited, due to other prioritised responsibilities and the disparity between both Ministries.

Relationship Regarding the Citizens of Sector 24:
The MoCA's relationship with the Citizenry is fundamentally the most important relationship between the MoCA and other parties. The reason for such importance, is down to the main goal of the MoCA. That is to establish a partnership and to socialise society within Sector 24, into the indoctrination of the "First Citizen". The Citizenry is to be guided by the MoCA in terms of behaviour and respect, whilst they serve the Universal Union. It is expect that the standing Minister of Civil Affairs accompanies the citizenry regularly upon the streets of C24, outside of the Nexus Hub, to demonstrate a "One of Us" approach with the citizens. This approach, leads to a trust between Citizen and Minister. This bond is used to better the circumstances of the lives of the citizens, under Union authorisation, in order to prevent any form of anti-citizen behaviour. The Ministry of Civil Affairs is to treat any subserviant species under Union control as equal parties, to establish unity within the sector. Any form of discrimination between human and/or xenian and vice versa within Sector 24, will suffer a mandatory re-education, under the authority of the MoCA. This shall be conducted via any acting CCA personnel, present during which circumstances arise. Laws and Guidance, shall be on display, to allow for the citizenry to revise and to obey.


This offical document is brought to you by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MoCA) - Any and all queries are to be forwarded towards the standing Secretary of Civil Affairs, if matters are more pressing, or alternativly, the standing Sec of Civil Affairs is unvailable, please forward all queries directly to the standing Minister of Civil Affairs via personal messages.

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