Server Rules

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Server Rules

Here are all of the server rules that players and staff must follow.

Server Rules
  • No Metagaming (Using Out of Character Information In Character.)
  • No Powergaming (Purposly forcing actions onto other characters.)
  • No Hacking / Exploting / Cheating of any kind
  • No transfering items from one character to another (For example, as a CP, giving a gun to you citizen character.)
  • No Random Deathmatch (RP all actions when in combat)
  • No disconnecting from the Server to avoid RP / Admin
  • No player / Staff impersonations
  • No Spamming OOC Chat
  • Please respect all staff and other players on our server.
  • Characters must refrain from playing as celebrities (Such as Mike Tyson, Gordon Freeman ect.)
  • In Character gambling and scamming are allowed.

This is a basic set of server rules which may be changed at short notice. Staff have the final call when it comes to any warnings, kicks and bans so if you are in doubt on breaking a server rule, please ask a member of staff. Any issues regarding specific RP scenarios will be dealt with case by case by a member of the staff team.

Combat Rules
  • Standard combat will be play to lose (P2L) meaning the character with the biggest disadvantage will eventually lose. (For example, if two citizens are mugging a CP, the CP would most likely lose.)
  • Rolling may be used as a form of combat if both parties agree to it. (For example, you are on equal footing.)
  • S2K can be activated by an admin in certain situations so to not take away from the flow of things when in combat.
  • S2K can be automatically activated if its between two factions and those factions have at least 3 people in each faction fighting. Both factions must agree to S2K before it starts. (for example, 3 resistance fighters against 3 CCA Units.)
  • Only a maximum of 125 Tokens may be mugged off of a character at any given time. You cannot mug the same person again for another hour.
  • When mugging, if the Target of the mugging does not die during the mugging process, you must remain on the Character for at least 20 Minutes after the Mugging. This includes both Citizens and CPs.
  • When Mugging, if the Target of the mugging dies during the mugging process, you must remain on the character for at least 45 Minutes after Mugging. This includes both Citizens and CPs.

Permanent Kills (PK)

Your character will be permantly killed for any of the reasons below.

  • If your character dies inside nexus detainment.
  • If your character commits suicide.
  • If your characters death was the result of an event.
  • If your character was assassinated (with Senior Admin approval)
  • If your CCA unit was caught going rogue or is found as a rogue unit.
  • If a high ranking unit deservices your unit.
There can be other reasons for Permanent kills which will be decided at the time by the admins online on the server.

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