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31 May 2018
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Explanation of the socio-stability and it's concequences

What is sociostability?
Sociostability are levels of the stability in the local society of the city. The levels range from -10 to +10, meaning there's 20 levels in total. The levels are affected by events in the city in both ways. All positive events or abscent of crime over time will increase the level, while the opposite decreases. You can see the current level and reasoning here.

The sociostabiliy boards in-game can be seen as OOC, however you can use the information to sense the tension of the city which can affect your roleplay. The purpose is that if you join back the server and something happened in between, your character will sense the increased/decreased tension of units, citizens and the environment. The socioboard in-game will have a tickbox next to the active consequences, meaning there will be no ticks when the level is within the neutral zones.

Sociostability Scale

Level Consequence
-10 OTA Units deployed in affected areas. Citadel High Alert, Advanced Synths deployed if necessary.
-9 Standard units are now Armed with advanced weapons.
-8 Nexus High Alert, More units stationed in sector, Sector Lockdown of affected sector.
-7 Random Block Searches
-6 Increased Sewer Patrols
-5 Citizen ration Cycle revoked for two hours Citizens required to wear their ID cards at all times
-4 Neutral
-3 Neutral
-2 Neutral
-1 Neutral
0 Neutral
1 Neutral
2 Neutral
3 Online citizens at the time are given an extra ration token.
4 Sewer Patrols cease
5 Neutral
6 Single Unit patrols in Main city Area
7 Lowered Patrols in outer-city areas
8 Combine Energy Field Gates powered down for a time to allow access to certain areas.
9 CCA High Ranked Units issued standard issue sidearms, advanced weaponry halted on account of relaxed state.
10 Relaxed state allows for Black Market to issue better hardware.
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