Sunday the 3rd Digest

2019-01-22 20_42_44-Garry's Mod.jpg

Today is Sunday and we’ve packed up quite few things to do today. These are the highlights of today.

CWU Extraordinary General Assembly
16:00 CET in Club Loyale

Based on the temporary City Administration taking over the CWU ( there will be a general assembly for CWU and their franchise owners at 16.00 CET at Club Loyale.

Infestation [Event]
18:00 CET

Background: Parts of the map will be shut down, based on the discussion on Discord of you who followed it. The short recap is that the map is slightly too big, and people spread so much that new players will often not meet anyone, causing them to disconnect for instance. The sewers will still be accessible, just through another entrances. If you’ve some hidden stash that gets blocked, let staff know so we can move it.

CCA Trainings
20:30 CET in Nexus

Training for existing CCA units will commence. The content of the training will be decided according to who shows up. Our main goal is to promote the RCTs to 05s when the training is finished.

There will always be some small stuff in between, but we can’t spoil all our plans :)