Welcome back, citizen!


We're pleased to welcome you back to HeartBit, and this time as Half-Life 2 Roleplay. Based on the survey we posted around a month ago, we know that Garry's Mod and HL2RP is the most interesting for our community right now, and therefore here we are.

What has happened since April 2017?
For those who follow us on our Steam group and Discord, know that it's been a bit silent and we've popped up with a reunion, Rust and Minecraft server. We've also worked in secret on our brand new gamemode, which unfortunately lead to cancellation due to downsizing of our development team, and that's when we asked you - the community to vote for what we should do next. Other than this, most of the team has been busy on some side-projects, school and similar.

Isn't HL2RP dead?
Based on the survey, the easy answer is no. However, we're running this HL2RP with the same mantra as our last BMRP: We play it as long as other play on it, we strive to do the changes that are possible to enhance the experience and prolong the gaming, but when everyone is tired of it we will not use more time on hosting something that people are not interested in anymore. At that point, instead of looking back and looking at the server as a failure, we look back and enjoy the experience and memories we've created in this iteration.

We will always try to make the best out of our servers, but this also requires your help. We've already lined up some interesting changes to the different factions to make more activities than sitting on a bench, but we will always need more. If you're sitting on some ideas or thoughts, feel free to discuss them in our Discord or post a suggestion.

This time we will be playing in City 24 v2 as our map, and to understand more the story, check out the lore.

We're still working on the release date, the estimate is around mid- or late January. We will surely let you know when the date is set! Until then, feel free to fill this forums with discussions, suggestions and soon also pre-apply for the factions once they're available.

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